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Relax – you have now taken the first step to regaining control of your business or personal finances.

Have you got to the stage where you are avoiding answering calls from creditors, or afraid of opening the post for fear of finding another final demand? We understand the huge stress you have been under and are able to offer help and advice to get you back on track and regain control of your business.

However, time is of the essence – if you are trading insolvently, you as a Director may become personally liable for debt incurred from that point onward – even if you trade as a Limited company.

Sole Traders

Life as a sole trader has never been easy – working long hours and…

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As a Company Director it always falls on you to ensure that the company…

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Personal Debt

Dealing with money issues can sometimes be off-putting, and…

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It can be an extremely stressful time dealing with poor cash flow and a struggling…

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A Company Voluntary Arrangement is an agreement between the company and its…

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If you have a viable business model where you just need a little extra…

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Contact us today for a free and confidential discussion on your next steps which may include Liquidation, Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) or Raising Finance.

Global Insolvency Solutions Limited
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T: 08455 199 413
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