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Life as a sole trader has never been easy – working long hours and often not suitably rewarded.  However operating as a sole trader can bring greater flexibility and the benefits of being one’s  own boss!

Sole traders do however need to be aware that they are in a vulnerable position with regards to creditors, as unlike a Limited Company which offers a certain protection – sole traders have unlimited liability and this can be a frightening prospect if business starts to slow down.  Personal assets such as savings, cars and even homes are at risk if things go wrong.

When income is reduced, debts are mounting and no big project or paycheck in sight then sole traders are best to discuss their options with a Global IS expert early on to prevent the situation deteriorating.

How can we help sole traders?

  • Sole traders can trade through their financial problems by taking advantage of the 2002 Enterprise Act
  • We can help you reach an Individual Voluntary Arrangement with your creditors allowing you to repay creditors through affordable monthly payments over a period of 5 years
  • All debts within the arrangement that remain unpaid at the end of the 5 years are written off – allowing you to continue trading and still work for a successful future
  • With our help personal assets are invariably rescued as you are given time to turn your financial position around

Give us a call to discuss the qualifying conditions and whether this could be a solution to your sleepless nights and sole trader problems.

Need help?

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Our Goals

What to expect from Global Insolvency Solutions

  • We work to get best solution for YOU and your CREDITORS.
  • We stop creditors harrasing you.
  • We give confidential, expert advice.
  • We have a sypathetic & professional approach